High Impact Presentation Skills

This highly practical and engaging two day workshop will give participants both the knowledge and skills to deliver an engaging and influential presentation with confidence and clarity, time and time again, with immediate effect.

Delivering presentations can often make people anxious and therefore, unconsciously, this is where their energy is focused.

This workshop is designed to help students control their nerves and fears, to become more comfortable and confident, and to deliver your message effectively and with the desired outcome – you’ll never have to fear giving a presentation again.

Using a blend of theory and hands-on activities to practice skills in a small group, you’ll receive one-to-one feedback from the facilitator throughout the two days, a video of your final presentation and detailed feedback from your fellow students.

Who should attend?

This workshop is ideal for those who are:-

  • Nervous and anxious about giving presentations
  • New to presenting
  • Seasoned presenters who would like to enhance their skills
  • Presenting other people’s material
  • Given short notice to prepare and deliver a presentation

Also ideal for those who present to:-

  • Customers
  • Peers
  • Team members
  • Management


In this 2 day workshop, we cover:-

Module 1: Planning and Preparation

  • Learn how to clearly define the objective
  • Understand how to engage your audience from start to finish
  • Structure your presentation with the end result in mind
  • Know how, what and when to use visual aids
  • Learn the ten critical preparation steps needed for presenting well at short
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of using notes and
    prompt cards
  • Identify anecdotes that break the ice and make the presentation
    comfortable and memorable for the audience

Module 2: Structuring the Presentation

  • Recognise the importance of a high impact introduction
  • Create clear benefits for the audience
  • Highlight the key messages
  • Ensure the data supports the claims
  • Plan smooth transitions between topics and when and how to summarise
  • Conclude with the audience wanting to know more and eager to take action

Module 3: The Delivery

  • Develop body language and poise that projects confidence and credibility
  • Learn how to interject meaning and passion into presentations
  • Use vocal pitch and tone to give authority and projection when speaking
  • Understand how pauses and emphases can add impact
  • Manage Question and Answer sessions concisely
  • Bring everything together in practice sessions with video feedback

Who? Your facilitators:-

Julie Taylor

Julie Taylor
Julie Taylor

Julie has 25 years’ experience in global teams and is people focused and results driven: she has a relentless passion for helping others succeed and a wealth of award-winning coaching and facilitation experience. She uses an engaging and dynamic training style and facilitates with authenticity and credibility. With her high energy, openness, integrity and humour, she’s able to provide valuable insight: why people behave as they do; the impact this has on the individual, others, the team and ultimately the end results.

Karen McKenzie Mills

Dr Karen McKenzie Mills
Dr Karen McKenzie Mills

Karen has spent 20 years of her professional career working in large corporate Learning and Education functions, winning awards for transformation and leadership. She’s able to motivate with her vision and passion, and loves lighting a spark in others.

Her first love is facilitating and building all sorts of Employee Success programs. Before the corporate world Karen gained her PhD in Computing Science and taught techie stuff.


What do people say after attending?

We have raving fans from our last class in 2019, meaning that we received top scores on content, materials, activities, facilitator and recommending the course to others, here’s what they had to say:-

“Julie is fantastic!! Perfect and was able to relate to me and give me a lot of advice, she went above and beyond to help me as I had to present in front of a large audience and she gave me a lot of tips!”

“Very good instructor, teacher. She was able to calm down people who were too nervous, keep the pace, put some humor in, give everybody the attention they needed. Compliments!!”

“Julie created a relaxed atmosphere which was necessary for everyone to get the most out of this course. Used good discretion in knowing how much to push each individual.”

“Julie was excellent and made everyone feel at ease. Shared lots of real life examples of situations which helped.”

“Julie was brilliant and was able to adapt the course regardless of role in organisation. loads of energy and made the course run smoothly and was very enjoyable.”

“Julie addressed each person’s strengths and challenges, helping each of us with her feedback, in an individual level.”

“She was extraordinary, she listened, encouraged us and reassured us very well with a lot of tact. I really appreciate this !”

“Very helpful and assured. She was credible and had the right pace and knew how to control others in the course who often strayed and tried to keep everyone on point and gave valuable tips and was kind in the process”.

Why attend?

A common fear
Around 25% of people report that they experience a fear of public speaking.

It’s not necessarily the act of speaking, but how you feel, think or act when faced with an audience, large or small. You perform well in meetings and calls, when it’s not an official ‘presentation’, but add that ‘public’ or ‘audience’ element, and you start to feel that familiar anxiety.

By attending our workshop, you will have the chance, in a safe environment to overcome that anxiety. We deliberately limit the number of attendees in this class so that you receive 1:1 attention.

Maximum attendee size is 12, with 2 facilitators (Karen & Julie).

Build your skills
Being a good public speaker can help you in many ways:-

  • Grow your confidence and credibility as a presenter
  • Grow your career by taking on new responsibilities which involve making regular presentations
  • Grow your business by talking at conferences and trade shows

When & Where?

2 day High Impact Presentation Skills

Our next dates are: October 8th-9th 2019, Tuesday & Wednesday.

Kents Hill Training Centre, Swallow House, Timbold Drive, Milton Keynes

Book now at https://bookingwhen/betterbusiness-skills.com/

Book online

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The standard pricing is £990 plus VAT.

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