Authentic Leadership

Leading authentically

Leadership style is personal, and authenticity is fundamental to your success. This three day Authentic Leadership workshop focuses on who the leader is, rather than what the leader needs to do.

We all have our own leadership style, we lead ourselves and we lead others, at home and in the workplace.

This facilitated workshop uses the MyersBriggs Type Indicator psychometric
assessment and Everything DiSC 363 Leader (360 degree review process) to take the leader on the ultimate journey of selfawareness.

Leaders discover how they communicate effectively to the different personality types on their teams, reflect on their personal brand, understand their strengths and opportunities for development and create their personal plan for progress. This workshop offers leaders an insight into why people behave as they do and the impact that this has on themselves, others and their results.

Who should attend?

Who is the workshop suitable for?

We welcome everyone who wants to build their Leadership insight and style. Here are just a few examples. You might be:-

  • Preparing your for your first management role
  • In the role for a while and seeking inspiration in your leadership direction
  • Experienced and willing to learn new insights and build self-awareness
  • Seeking to view situations from a different perspective
  • Looking for alternative ways to solve problems and create opportunities
  • Considering how to make faster and smarter decisions with buy-in
  • Wishing to recognise the value that everyone brings in diverse and inclusive
  • Open to reconnect with the value of every employee in your organisation


In this 3 day workshop, we cover:-

‣ Active Listening

‣ Lifeline map and Time Capsule

‣ Mindfulness and Executive Think Time

‣ Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

‣ Everything DiSC 360

‣ Difficult Discussions

‣ The Speed of Trust

‣ NLP Meta Mirror Model

‣ Resilience

‣ Changing Behaviours

‣ Six Thinking Hats

‣ The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

‣ Coaching

What will I learn?

Leading Yourself

Active Listening: Utilise this powerful technique to break down
barriers and convert defensive, negative behaviour into creative positive energy. Learn how to save time and eliminate confusion when
communicating with others.

Lifeline Map & Time Capsule: Review the events or people in life, positive and negative, that have impacted and shaped the individual. Consider goals and aspirations for the future and the leaders advice to themselves.

Mindfulness & Executive Think Time: Examine mindfulness and the practice of paying attention to the present moment. Review the importance of allocating time to reflect and refresh perspectives and how leading others depends on it.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Understand personal preferences and how to adapt to improve relationships. Learn where individuals get their energy and acquire information and how they like to make decisions and convert plans into action.

Everything DiSC 360: Use feedback from managers, peers and colleagues to understand the leaders’ personal brand and reputation. Practise the feedforward technique to identify individual strengths and opportunities for development.

Difficult Discussions: Learn when and how to have those difficult discussions and how to appreciate others’ perspectives. Understand how controlling emotions can lead to outstanding results.

The Speed of Trust: Examine the relationship between trust, productivity and costs. Trust is a valuable asset and its impact on the business is often
misunderstood. Learn what leaders need to do to cultivate trust.

NLP Meta Mirror Model: Learn how to use the Neuro-linguistic
Programming Meta Mirror Model to improve relationships and decision making using a personal, real life experience.

Resilience: Discover the coping techniques needed to maintain a healthy mind and body in a world where change, stress and adversity are commonplace.

Changing Behaviours: Review the twenty bad habits that prevent leaders
progressing and how to avoid them. Understand that changing results is dependent on changing behaviours. 

Leading Others

Six Thinking Hats: Learn to make smarter decisions using this lateral
thinking process to innovative, improve communication and reduce meeting time.

The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team: Understand how to build high performing teams who have trust, healthy conflict, are committed,
hold each other accountable and produce team results.

Coaching: Learn how to help individuals find the solution to their problems through self-reflective questioning. Provide a coaching model to collaboratively define actions and the changes needed by them to meet
their goals.


Your facilitators:-

Julie Taylor

Julie Taylor
Julie Taylor

Julie has 25 years’ experience in global teams and
is people focused and results driven: she has a
relentless passion for helping others succeed and
a wealth of award-winning coaching and
facilitation experience. She uses an engaging and
dynamic training style and facilitates with
authenticity and credibility. With her high energy,
openness, integrity and humour, she is able to
provide valuable insight: why people behave as they do; the impact this has on the individual, others, the team and ultimately the end results.


Karen McKenzie Mills

Dr Karen McKenzie Mills
Dr Karen McKenzie Mills

Karen has spent 20 years of her professional career working in large corporate Learning and Education functions, winning awards for transformation and leadership. She is able to motivate with her vision and passion, and loves
lighting a spark in others. Her first love is facilitating and building all sorts of Employee Success programs. Before the corporate world Karen gained her PhD in Computing Science and taught techie stuff.


What do people say after attending?

We have raving fans. We received top scores on content, materials, activities, facilitator and recommending the course to others, here’s what they had to say:-

“As always, another excellent course. I wouldn’t change a thing as
the whole course was useful and beneficial.”







“This course provides additional tools, methods and support to grow further as a leader.”

“The course allowed me to reflect, step back and see situations differently. I have the feeling I can influence the world!”

“Useful tools, methods I can apply. I will leave with a new skill set that will benefit me not just in work.”

“As always, exceeded expectations, Julie’s an excellent instructor,
keep up the great job!! Really enjoyed, really well done.”

“Three words were: awesome, fun, hugely valuable.”

Why Attend?

Results Driven

By developing your awareness and skills, you will be the manager and leader

    • Inspires and develops others
    • Makes a tangible difference
    • Grows their team with higher employee engagement
    • Grows their business
    • Achieves greater satisfaction beyond work

Data Driven

Did you know that it’s estimated that UK plc misses out on up
to £340 billion a year due to poor people management and bad
leadership and around US$105 billion in the US?

Relationship Driven

Be the leader who succeeds by being your true authentic self, inspiring others and building relationships as a trusted advisor. Build your network, and achieve results because of your influence, persuasion and communication skills, helping others succeed as a result.

Co-operation Driven

Be the leader who achieves goals through confident and consistent  leadership. Teamwork is everything for you and your leadership shows others how to work together to achieve anything.

When & Where?


3 day Authentic Leadership Workshop


Our next dates are:  October 29th-31st, Tuesday to Thursday.


Kents Hill Training Centre, Swallow House, Timbold Drive, Milton Keynes


Book now at:

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Register before August 31st 2019 and secure our early bird price of £1,125* per person plus VAT.

The standard pricing is £1,485 plus VAT.

*Limited spaces available at this price.

What’s next?

We ask you to spend a total of between 2 to 3 hours on some pre-work before attending, so that you get the most from this experience. The pre-work includes completion of:-

    1. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment (MBTI)
    2.  Everything DiSC 363 Leader Assessment
    3. Your Leadership Lifeline

You’ll receive an email from Julie with more details. Julie will work with you at your convenience during a 15 minute one-to-one call to talk you through the pre-work steps. Pre-work will be sent at least 4 weeks prior to the workshop and must be completed no later than 1 week before the workshop start date.

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Give us a call on 01525 877949 or 07970 644552 or email us at and we’ll help.

Private class?
Want to organise something specifically for your team, at your location? It can be more economical, and highly effective for team building to run this just
for your team.

Email or call for details and we’ll talk you through the options, just for you.

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