Toolkit Enterprise: Help me! I’m a Manager

1,926.77$ excl. Sales Tax/VAT

  • GBP: £ 1,499.00

Includes full 3-day course material with:-

  • 8 in-depth PowerPoint modules, including extensive instructor notes, with minute by minute timing suggestions
  • 73-page Train the Trainer Guide with comprehensive how-to-instructions to ensure successful course delivery
  • An individual toolkit (300-page workbook) for each participant to work through the course study material
  • 1-hour virtual 1-to-1 Train-the-Trainer coaching session before you run your course

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Need support to implement and deliver a great Better Business Skills course for your team?

Our Enterprise Toolkit company package for Help me! I’m a Manager has everything you need to run a great course.

It has the same resources as our Toolkit Elite package, but with further support to make sure it’s a great experience for participants,  by making it hassle-free for your star facilitator.

We’ll coach your star facilitator on how to implement and deliver a great course, in a virtual 1-to-1 Train-the-Trainer session.

We just ask that they:-

  • Come prepared with questions
  • Be ready to get unique hints and tips to help with facilitating your Better Business Skills course, building your high performing team throughout your course delivery.

(Or, if you prefer hire one of our experienced management coaches to run your course. Call us today to discuss.)

Read the full details of course contents here.

In short, this Toolkit package contains:-

  • Full course material in 8 non-editable PowerPoint presentation modules, including exercises
  • Train the Trainer Guide with detailed how-to instructions and minute by minute timing suggestions
  • Individual toolkit for each participant to have the study material to hand during the course
  • 1 hour virtual 1-to-1 Train-the-Trainer session with your star facilitator

Priced on a per company basis, not per individual. With value like this, has there ever been a better time to develop better business skills for your team?

Seize the moment to book your session today. (We reserve Friday’s only for our client coaching, and slots fill quickly.)

Total download includes: 10 files of up to 103 MB consisting of 2 PDFs and 8 PowerPoint files.

[Please note: The Toolkit Enterprise Company Package is only for use within your own company and cannot be used to deliver the course for profit outside your organisation.]


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