Toolkit Elite: Help me! I’m a Manager

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  • GBP: £ 1,299.00

Help me! I’m a Manager Toolkit Elite includes full 3-day course material with:-

  • 8 comprehensive PowerPoint modules, each with their own detailed instructor notes, with how-to instructions and minute by minute timing suggestions.
  • 73-page Train the Trainer Guide with additional tips and hints about delivering and tailoring content for your audience, including how to facilitate conversations that drive success, in addition to the instructor notes already embedded in the PPT modules.
  • The relevant individual toolkit (300-page workbook) so that each participant has the study material to accompany the course delivery


Want to support and develop better management skills with your team?

The Elite Toolkit company package for Help me! I’m a Manager has the magic ingredients that give you everything you need to run a great course. You just need to Add-A-Facilitator.

  • Full presentation course material (non-editable PowerPoint) with in-built exercises, containing 8 modules:-

1. What’s my Role? (68 slides)

2. What is Teamwork? (19 slides)

3. Building Relationships (61 slides)

4. Building Trust (21 slides)

5. Leading Conversations and Successful Meetings (41 slides)

6. Conflicts (26 slides)

7. Great Performance (35 slides)

8. Wrap up (27 slides)

  • Train the Trainer Guide (mirrors what’s embedded in the PowerPoint Instructor Notes) plus how-to instructions and minute by minute timing suggestions
  • Individual toolkit so that each participant has the study material to hand, with built-in exercises to work through

And all this for a company price, not per individual. How’s that for value?


Total download includes: 10 files of up to 103 MB consisting of 2 PDF and 8 PowerPoint files.

[Please note: The Toolkit Elite Company Package is only for use within your own company and cannot be used to deliver the course for profit outside your organisation.]

On a solitary mission to improve your development?

Get our Individual Toolkit Solo to go deeper.


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