Mini-Toolkit: Giving Feedback Model

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In this Mini-Toolkit for Giving Feedback you learn to use the 6-Step Model provided so that others see you as a courageous and sensitive leader.

Boost your business super-powers for less than the cost of a latte.


In this mini-toolkit, you learn how giving feedback in a 6-Step Model leads others to see you – and more importantly, respect you – as a courageous and sensitive leader.

Our mini-toolkits give you a quick guide to a topic. What do you get?

  • Introduction to the topic
  • Explanation of the related model or framework
  • Hints and tips on how to apply
  • ‘What to remember’ summary points

All in under 10 pages of easy to reference, fun and interactive content. It gets you thinking and engaged about how to be the best version of you as a Manager and Leader.

For less than the cost of a latte (or a hot chocolate), this Mini-Toolkit for Giving Feedback gives you a flavour of the Magic Ingredients for Building Relationships.

Giving and receiving feedback can be challenging no matter who you are.

But, as a manager, you’re in a powerful position since giving feedback can help build the self-esteem of others, build relationships and direct performance to a different level. You also need to take feedback if you want to grow as a Leader.

In this mini-toolkit, we look at the Feedback Model section of the Magic Ingredients (for the full course, check out Help Me! I’m a Manager).

Here are the (not-so) Magic ingredients: –

Maintaining and enhancing self-esteem

 – Using feedback

Asking appropriate questions

Genuine Interest

   – Listening

Intelligence & Empathy

   – Emotional intelligence

   – Logic and emotion


   – Providing information

   – Benefits

   – Three key points

Ready to be the best version of you at giving feedback?

Start today.

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