Company Toolkits

Wondering how to get the best from your team for Better Business?

You’re exploring how you support and develop your team.

Recognising the skills you have in the company, and how to build and grow both those and your company/organisation is a key step towards the results you want to achieve in your team.

With our company packages, you get access to Management, Leadership and BetterBusiness topics that you choose, and you deliver in-house, to your team, when it works for you.

All you do is Add-A-Facilitator.Four people holding up different shaped speech bubble cards

The detailed how-to guides provide you with minute by minute agendas & instructions. 

The train the trainer guides take the mystery out of facilitating conversations with your team as well as showing how to deliver a professional learning experience. And, the interactive toolkits for attendees mean they have a practical and interactive electronic reference guide.

You can deliver in bite-size chunks, and still get on with the daily rhythm of running your business. Schedule and facilitate in your own timeframe.

Recognising the skills in your team means you likely have a facilitator hiding inside someone, somewhere in the organisation, who’d love the chance to facilitate learning, conversations and development.

Who’s your rising “star” facilitator?

Person holding up a magnifying glass to faceOur packages are the magic ingredients that give you great course material, and you just need to Add-A-Facilitator.

But who might that be in your organisation?

Identify someone with these attributes:-

  • Someone who is comfortable speaking in front of groups
  • Someone with some prior experience in facilitating conversations
    • e.g. a Team Leader, Project Manager
    • Someone who is typically interactive, and often takes 30 minutes to get to their desk in the morning because they’re busy chatting to everyone in the office (and that doesn’t mean they’re not working)
  • Someone who is passionate about some or all of the topics in the Toolkit you choose

Some things to remember:-

  • You can choose a team of people to deliver different sections, it doesn’t just have to be a single person for the whole course
  • The person you choose doesn’t have to be a ‘Trainer’
  • This isn’t automatically HR’s job
  • But if your HR manager is interested in facilitating learning, support them.

With our comprehensive company packages, what’s included?

In Toolkit Elite:-

  • Full presentation course material (PowerPoint) 
  • Train the Trainer details embedded in the PowerPoint with how-to instructions and minute by minute timing suggestions
  • Suggestions, hints and tips on how to facilitate conversations and drive success
  • We also include the relevant individual toolkit so that each participant has the study material to accompany the course delivery

In Toolkit Enterprise:-

All of the above, plus the option to further support your star facilitator with an in-depth 1-to-1 Train-the-Trainer session before you get your Better Business Skills course up and running, to make it the best experience it can be – for everyone.

And all this for a company price, not per individual. That’s amazing value.

Choose from these Toolkit topics:-

  • Help me! I’m a manager
  • Manage your Backlog
  • Coaching: what is it, why do it?
  • Collaboration 101
  • Customer Service Fundamentals
  • Discover your strengths
  • Onboarding Fundamentals
  • Generating Great ideas
  • Gutsy Gabbing
  • Marvellous meetings
  • Presentation Skills
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Time management
  • Unconscious Bias
Working on your development solo for now? Toolkit Solo is perfect for you.

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