GDPR: You’re Doing it Wrong

GDPR: A reminder of what it is

The 25th May 2018 came and went, and you and your business kept on doing your thing. Nothing blew up or fell down.

You’ve not yet been fined 4% of annual turnover or up to €20million in fines. Woo, scary.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on that date, and maybe you managed to get compliant before, around or slightly after that.

The executive summary version of the rights in the GDPR (and thank you Intersoft Consulting for the great site, also look here for the UK link) means that as an individual I have:-

* the right to be informed

* the right of access

* the right to correct errors

* the right to erase data

* the right to restrict processing

* the right to take it elsewhere (data portability)

* and the right to object

What does GDPR mean in reality?

ANSWER: HowStick man clicking a data node you market to customers, emailing personal data, cookies that track personal data (e.g. IP address) on your website – all are impacted by GDPR.

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Managing detail: What’s WHY got to do with it?

No detail please, we’re too important!

No matter your role or level in an organisation, there’s a pool of detail to dive into if you choose.

Whether you’re a first level manager or the CEO, detail is there, following you around like a shadow. Some regard it as an evil, which they’re determined to ignore (not my job!) while others embrace detail wholeheartedly to become a supreme micromanager (not the outcome we want either).

So how do you find a balance?

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